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The application will stay active in the system tray and popup up a information window when a desired itinerary is available. There will be a trial period which will function for a fixed number of days, after which a registration has to be purchased in order to continue using the software. MODULES Given below is the module breakup of the application:  HYPERLINK \l "moduleslogindetails" Login Details  HYPERLINK \l "modulesitineraryselection" Itinerary Selection  HYPERLINK \l "modulesqueryserver" Query Server  HYPERLINK \l "modulesresults" Results Modules->Login Details This module saves the various membership details of the user. It also allows the entry of query preferences. Once entered, the same data is used to query the United Airlines server. Modules->Itinerary Selection Itinerary selection allows the user to select flights he wants to book. He can select multiple itineraries which are then monitored by the application for availability. Selections can be cleared and re-entered again.. Selected itineraries will be saved in an external file. Modules->Query Server This is the core module of the application which logs into the UA server and checks for availability of flights listed in the itinerary. It uses the parameters defined by the user in Login Details to check the UA server. Modules->Results The results of the server query are shown here. Each flight can have 3 status codes: Not checked (flight has not been checked with the UA server yet (1) Flight Available (flight is available) (2) Flight Not Available (flight is not available) (3) Modules->Application Registration This will take care of application registration and trial period. It will store the following in hidden keys in the Windows registry: Registrationcode-DEMO by default else it will have have the registration key RegistrationFlag-this key will be set if registration is successful StartDate-this will store the date of the first time the app is executed LatestDate-this will store the date the app was last executed EXTERNAL FILES The application will be using external files to store data for its own purposes. Most of the data can be stored as flat files or XML files. The following data files will be required: Login Data Each row will have one parameter field stored: Frequent flyer number Pin/password Name Emailed Email frequency � 1 / 2 Check Availability-1/2/3/4 Autostart-y/n LastChecked:yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm The LastChecked field will be used internally and will not be visible to the user. Based on the date and time in this field, the server query checking frequency will be calculated. If the user manually does an Itinerary check then the LastChecked field will be updated to the system time. Itinerary Data Each row will hold details of one itinerary: Code,from,to,roundtrip-y/n, departuredate, departuretime, returningdate, returningtime, serviceclass-1/2/3/4/5,seats,status-1/2/3 Code,from,to,roundtrip-y/n, departuredate, departuretime, returningdate, returningtime, serviceclass-1/2/3/4/5,seats,status-1/2/3 The code will be generated internally by the application to give a unique id to each itinerary. The status code will be used only in the Results module which will update the status code. When an itinerary entry is first made, the status code will be 1. SCREENS The following screens will be there in the application: Login Details  The form will have two states: read-only and editable. On opening, if the details are already filled then the form is in read-only state. To edit, the user will press Edit button. If no details have been entered (first time run) then the form opens in editable mode. Itinerary Selection      If Round Trip is selected, then the Returning field is disabled. The From and To city list will be picked up from an external file and the combo box populated. The time lists will have the first three entries as Morning, Afternoon, Evening. After that it will show all hours from 12 am to 11 pm Results       This will show itinerary status for all selected flights. The leftmost column will show the status code in the form of an icon: Not checked (flight has not been checked with the UA server yet Flight Available (flight is available) Flight Not Available (flight is not available) There will be an option to Print the itinerary results About Screen  The first four links will open the relevant URL in a browser. If the application is in trial period,then Registration code will show as DEMO. The Days in Trial option will not show if the application is registered Registration Screen  This screen will show the number of days left in trial. The online purchase link will take the user to the relevant URL. DATA DEPENDENCY DIAGRAMS The diagram below shows the data dependencies of each module:       SEQUENCE CHART The chart below shows sequence of application execution:         QUERY SERVER This is the core module of the application. The basic sequence of steps is given below: Read login data from Login file Query Login URL Load each itinerary entry If itinerary status code is set to available then skip it. If itinerary status is not set to available then send it to Search URL for processing Get response page and parse it to see if itinerary is available or not Update the itinerary entry in the itinerary data file Update LastChecked field in Login data file Send an email according to parameters set in Login data file Logout of server The application will have a timer check built in according to the checking frequency parameter in the Login data file. The application to server communication will be pure HTTP. It is recommended to use the XMLHTTP component to do all http communication, or even the standard HTTP API can be used . The advantage of XMLHTTP is that its much more high level than using the HTTP API and it automatically handles multiple redirects which the United Airlines does when logging in and querying flight availability. The class description of QueryServer is given below: Properties Freq.Flyer Code � string PIN � string Emailid-string EmailFrequency-integer LoginURL-string SearchURL-string LogoutURL-string ItineraryData � array/list SuccessItineraries-array/list Methods Initialise(freq.flyer code, pin, emailed, emailfreq) � initialise class DoLogin() � login to server LoadItineraryData() � load itinerary data from itinerary file and fill ItineraryData list CheckItinerary() � query each itinerary entry against server and update status code for each in ItineraryData. If an itinerary is available then add the entry to SuccessItineraries list UpdateItineraryDate() � write itinerary data back from ItineraryData to itinerary file GetSuccess() � return SuccessItineraries list DoLogout() � logout from server The Query Server is designed to act as separate module from the rest of the application so that for future versions it can act as a common backend for multiple airlines. The interfacting between the application and the server module is shown below:             Freq.Flyer Number ________________ PIN/Password ________________ Name ____________________ Email id ____________________________ Email Frequency Send regardless of results (1) Send only on itinerary availability (2) Check Availability every 12 hours (1) 24 hours (2) 36 hours (3) 48 hours (4) []Autostart with Windows From: (city list) To: (city list) (o) Round Trip (o) One way Departing: (year list) (month list) (day list) (time list) Returning: (year list) (month list) (day list) (time list) Service Class: Economy � lowest avail.fare (1) Economy � lowest refundable fare (2) Economy � no restrictions (3) Business (4) First (5) Seats #: (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/9) Origin Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Destination Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Date Yyyy-mm-dd Yyyy-mm-dd Yyyy-mm-dd Yyyy-mm-dd Yyyy-mm-dd Clear Clear All Origin Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Destination Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Date Yyyy-mm-dd Yyyy-mm-dd Yyyy-mm-dd Yyyy-mm-dd Yyyy-mm-dd Time Hh:mm Hh:mm Hh:mm Hh:mm Hh:mm Print Results Registration Code: xxxxxxxxxx Days Left In Trial: xx Version: xxxxx Xx days left in Trial If you haven�t purchased the registration key, If you have already purchased the registration key from the website, enter it here to register your copy. _________________ Login Details Login Data Itinerary Selection Itinerary Data Query Server Login Data Itinerary Data Results Itinerary Data Login Details Itinerary Query Server Results Fill in details Fill in itinerary Use itinerary data to query Update status Show query results Main application Server module Check if time to query Initialise server module Load itinerary data from file Query each itinerary Save itinerary data into file Get successful itineraries Show popup for each successful itinerary Logout of UA server 01KLMUVWXqrsz{|}��������������)*+,LMNUVWX���������������������!������������������������������������������������j$U�j�U�jU�j�U�jU�jmU�j�U�jsU0J�jU jU5�\�C/0W|��+W���2u��V����� � � � ��������������������������$a$
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