We have 4 subscription packages for you. The first is the Bronze package which is free of cost and lets you create up to 8 recordings of maximum 30 seconds each. You can download the recordings as mp3.

The next package is Silver which is for $39.99 a year. You can have up to 25 recordings created in your account and each recording can be up to 1 hour in length. Please note that you can download and delete recordings from your account to keep within the limit , so it means you can create unlimited recordings.

The third package is Gold which lets you create up to 100 recordings each of up to 8 hours in length.

Our fourth package is the Teachers pack which is specifically meant for Teachers who want to create recordings which their students can access and learn from. This package has all the features of the Gold package with the added functionality of sharing their recordings with students. This package is for $69.99 per year. Student accounts can be free of cost and there is no limit to the number of student accounts allowed.

Please enjoy our service and contact us at support@reed the words.com if you have any questions or queries.